6th Congress “Educare per il domani”

Saturday 5th of September OIDEL participated in the 6th Congress “Educare per il domani” (Educating for tomorrow) organized by the Italian organization Articolo 26. The event was held in the Todi (Italy). This congress was under the patronage of the Italian Senate and the Chamber of deputies and took place thanks to the collaboration of the Todi City Council.

Due to the impact of COVID the organization of the event and the topics chosen to take into account this crisis. The Congress was conducted by the founder of Articolo 26 Chiara Iannarelli.  The event started with the welcoming words of the Mayor of Todi Antonio Ruggiano. Among the speakers there were the psychotherapist Beatrice Toro, who spoke on the psychological impact of the COVID lock down. The TV star Lorella Cuccarini did a small intervention on the importance of parents in the realization of the right to education. Federico Samaden, school principal talked about the relation between school and youth. Luigi D’Alonzo made a passionate presentation on how to include difference in a holistic way in our complex world. The sociologist Luca Ricolfi, the writer Paola Mastrocola and Luisa Ribolzi had a dialogue on quality and equity in the field of education. Tomasso Agasisti did a wonderful presentation on different models to guarantee educational pluralism.

Ignasi Grau, director of OIDEL, made the last presentation that consisted on a presentation of the legal, political and economic state of situation of educational pluralism in the world and in Europe. At the end of OIDEL’s director speech, there was an interesting round table with the different speakers participating in this congress.

This event was a great opportunity for OIDEL to show and encourage different stakeholders in the field of education on the importance of educational pluralism in the crucial year in this regard in Italy. In addition, it also served to better understand the challenges that parents and schools are facing in Italy during the COVID crisis.