10th International School Choice and Reform Conference in Dublin

From the 6ht until the 8th of January, OIDEL participated in the International School Choice and Reform Conference. This conference took place in Dublin (Ireland). This was the 10th edition of this conference which enable different scholars on educational pluralism to share their recent researches. For OIDEL, this is a great opportunity to share our most recent research, as well as the work we do at the international level. Moreover, this is a good opportunity to be updated on the most recent researches on educational pluralism. This conference served to honor one of the organizers of this conference Robert A. Fox who recently passed away.

In this edition, OIDEL was part of two panels. The first panel was “Three European experiences on educational pluralism”. In this first panel, Rodrigo Melo (Executive director of ECNAIS), Tommaso Agasisti (Professor at the Politecnico di Milano) and Miguel Ángel Sancho (President of Fundación Europeo Educación y Sociedad). Our director, Ignasi Grau was in charge of leading the event and also did a pre-presentation of the research we are about to publish: 9 experiences on educational pluralism EU. The session was especially useful for non-EU scholars to know better the flaws and strengths of different EU proposals in terms of educational pluralism.

The second event we organized was a critical discussion “Critical Conversation: A New Wave in Favor of Educational Pluralism in International Organisms” with TJ d’Agostino of the University of Notre Dame. The aim of this seminar was to explain the current international challenges, to share the preliminary plans for an international task force on educational pluralism, to discuss the ideas and norms the task force intends to consider and to elicit feedback as the project develops.

The whole conference was a good opportunity to meet people who can enrich the work of OIDEL both at the research level and at the advocacy level.