International School Choice and Reform Conference (ISCRC)

The ISCRC is probably the most important gathering of scholars interested in freedom of education. Hundreds of scholars and other stakeholders from around the world discuss for four days the latest research and important events. OIDEL was represented by our president, Diego Barroso, and our director, Ignasi Grau.

Mr. Grau together with professor TJ d’Agostino organized a conversation around the critical subject “The Battle of our Children’s Minds: A Comparative exploration of Debates on Parents’ Rights, Children’s rights and Human Rights”. We showed how cultural, philosophical, and anthropological changes have influenced the conversation on parental rights, both on the national and international levels. Moreover, we suggested frameworks for educational discussions to help overcome the current polarization, for instance, in the cultural approach. The presentation was followed by vivid discussions with the audience.

Through this conference, we received new perspectives and a fresh understanding of the challenges of parents around the world. And we got to meet and connect with other civil society organizations focused on the freedom of education.

The next edition of this conference will take place in January 2024 in Madrid.