OIDEL participates in the ECSWE Council Meeting

The last 7 of May, OIDEL attended the Council Meeting of the European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education (ECSWE). The Council Meeting took place at Escola do Monte – Harpa, close to Lisbon (Portugal). ECSWE is an umbrella organization representing 27 members with schools in 28 countries. All these members together comprise more than 178.500 students and 124.000 families and 775 schools across Europe.

OIDEL was invited to make a presentation on the legal and political state of situation of freedom of education in Europe. In addition, this was a great chance to deepen on the Waldorf Education and better understand its pedagogy. Moreover, OIDEL took the opportunity to better understand the educational freedom legal framework in Portugal and the challenges that Waldorf Education has across Europe.