Conference on the Right to choose school

Barcelona, 2 March 2023 | The Universitat Abat Oliba and the Sindicat de Pares have organized at the headquarters of the university a conference to talk about the right to choose school.

The conference was divided into three parts. First, Dr. Ada Garriga made a speech presenting the general framework of the right to education and parental freedom. Dr. Garriga made a general review of the human rights framework, going through the international and European human rights instruments, reviewing the Spanish constitutional framework, reviewing the Spanish legislation and ending with its implementation in the Catalan framework.

Secondly, there was a round table moderated by Pere Poy. Ignasi Grau (director of OIDEL) participated in this round table, together with Miquel Mateo (FECC), Josep Manuel Prats (FAPEL) and Mònica Nadal (Fundació Bofill). Ignasi Grau’s presentation consisted of the implications of education being a human right, in its aims and implementation, showing that parents are an essential pillar of its full realization. The round table was followed by an exchange of ideas among the different speakers.

Finally, the last round table consisted of a debate in which representatives of a significant part of the parties with parliamentary representation participated.