OIDEL publishes the 6th edition of the “Selective Bibliography on the Right to Education and Education Policy”

After nine months of work, we are pleased to present the publication of the sixth edition of the “Selective Bibliography on the Right to Education”, a tool made available free of charge to the different actors of the right to education – States, institutions and civil society. It brings together the most relevant publications of international value, giving priority to those of UNESCO and the United Nations.

As in the previous edition, the titles selected deal directly or indirectly with the right to education, explain education policies and illustrate their application in various situations and contexts. The structure of the previous edition has been maintained, as it corresponds to the regions and themes most relevant to the international community.

For many years OIDEL has been regularly publishing smaller bibliographies until, in 2017, it completed for the first time the exhaustive “Corpus on the Right to Education”, a total of six documents, which provides an overview of the international right to education and facilitates a better understanding of this right.

This new edition of the Bibliography has been made possible thanks to the research and compilation of new references over the past four years by Mr. Zacharie Zachariev, co-author of the book, former head of policy and planning at UNESCO Paris and former director of the UNESCO Liaison Office in Geneva, and the coordination of the team by Mayca San Andrés, Director of Programmes and Projects at OIDEL.

Our deepest thanks to Chloé Vermenouze and Adela Rico for their indispensable contribution. We also thank Josyane Zingg, Celia Lacave and Paula Ramírez Gómez for their collaboration in the preparation of this new edition.

Sixth edition of the “Selective Bibliography on the Right to Education”