General Assembly of the European Committee for Catholic Education (Athens) – 22nd and 23rd October

Group photography in Athens

The 22nd and the 23rd of October took place in the city of Athens (Greece) the General Assembly of the European Committee for Catholic Education (ECCE). The ECCE is the institution that gathers all the national representations of Catholic Schools in Europe.

The General Assembly took important decisions, as the appointment of Louis Marie Piron (French) as the future Secretary-General of the ECCE. In addition, the event was a good opportunity to deep on the role and challanges of Independent Catholic Schools in Greece. OIDEL had the opportunity to visit the Leonin School in Athens.

During these days, OIDEL organized three hours of training on the functioning of the main educational international instruments for the main representative of Catholic Education in Europe. The training had three pillars: UN main human rights instruments, European institutions and the main theoretical challenges. The training was followed by a productive discussion. This training was provided by the director Ignasi Grau.

This event was a good chance for OIDEL to better understand the challenges of Independent Catholic Education in Europe. OIDEL also took the opportunity to work and deep into some of the collaboration with national projects with Catholic Education.

Ignasi Grau