“Education Law for the future” – OIDEL participates in the International Seminar of scientific experts organized by Education Law Association (ELA)

On the 11th of October, 20 scholars and experts on educational policies from around the world gathered in Budapest to share thoughts, projects, and research and to discuss education for the future.

The event consisted of four panels: Education Law for the future and the role of the ELA within; Rephrasing International Education Law; Future Design of Sound of Education Law related to Education Policy and Governance, and Protecting and Promoting Children’s Education Rights.

Among the participants were: Jan de Groof (Professor of Law at the College of Europe, President of the ‘European Association for Education Law and Policy), Klaus Beiter (Associate Professor of International Human Rights Law North-West University (South Africa)), Charles Glenn (Professor emeritus, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Boston University and vice-president of OIDEL), and Lajos Aáry-Tamás (Hungarian Commissioner for Education Rights).

As part of the second panel, the director of OIDEL discussed the increasing importance of the cultural approach to the right to education and the role of the different stakeholders in this approach.

The event was extremely useful for OIDEL to see and understand the new tendencies in the field of educational policies. Moreover, OIDEL shared its plans for the new Freedom of Education Index 2023, to which many participants offered their help.

The day after the event, Jan de Groof was recognized with an honorary doctorate from the Pázmány Péter Catholic University. Ignasi Grau, representing OIDEL, attended this event congratulating Dr. de Groof for this acknowledgement and for all his work to favor freedom of education.

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