99th General Assembly of the CEEC – Vienna

On April 29th and 30th, OIDEL was invited to participate in the General Assembly of the European Committee for Catholic Education, an organisation that brings together all the national associations of Catholic education in Europe. This meeting took place in Vienna (Austria) and was preceded by a symposium. During this symposium, OIDEL through our director, was able to exchange some ideas with the current Secretary of the Congregation for Catholic Education Msgr. Zani.

During the General Assembly, OIDEL learned about new developments and challenges in Catholic Education around Europe. First, we listened attentively to the challenges of the Greek-Catholic school in Ukraine, which is facing war. Then, we had the opportunity to learn more about Catholic education in Austria. Additionally, we were informed about the important decision of the Belgian Constitutional Court regarding the equal treatment of public and Catholic schools.

OIDEL shared its main projects of the recent months, focusing on the Position Paper on the European Commission’s Pathways for School Success initiative. Among other things, we also shared a presentation of the upcoming educational debates at the United Nations and UNESCO.