International School Choice and Reform Conference

From January 12th to 15th, OIDEL participated in the 7th  International School Choice and Reform Conference (ISCRC). Sponsored by EdChoice, the conference took place in Lisbon, Portugal. This annual conference has been a great opportunity for OIDEL as it has enabled us to get in touch with scholars from all around the world to share the most recent research work done on Freedom of Education. The ISCRC: to the greatest extent possible, ISCRC is a forum that includes multiple perspectives on every policy argument. The stance of each researcher varies, some are critical of school choice, while others support various methods of school choice. This diversity enables the scholars and education stakeholders that have participated to shed some light on how to better implement and consider freedom of education. OIDEL organized a symposium during the Conference on the Freedom of Education Index (FEI). The moderator, Jan de Groof, is the founder and president of the European Association for Education Law and Policy (ELA). The presentation of the Freedom of Education Index was given by the Deputy Director of OIDEL. Mike Donnelly from HSLDA  delivered a brief presentation on the Worldwide situation of homeschooling in the world, and Maria Smirnova from the University of Manchester did a critical and constructive comment on the FEI. The symposium finished with some concluding remarks from the Vice-President of OIDEL, Charles Glenn. The Freedom of Education Index was received positively among scholars and many of them offered their help for future editions.